Google Summer of Code is finally over and I had an amazing 4 months. This blog is meant to document my work in short. Checkout aima-exercises and aima-exercises-api to see what I made during the summer of 2018.


I worked with the organization AIMACode as a part of Google Summer of Code 2018. I was directly supervised by Peter Norvig for the project named “AIMA Exercises”. The goal was to design and implement a new platform to host interactive exercises for the fourth edition of the book “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach”. This platform is not only meant to host the questions, but also serve as a community to engage students and instructors.


My proposal can be found here

Work done

Most of the commits I made during GSoC were in the repository aimacode/aima-exercises. I also made few commits in a helper repository nalinc/aima-exercises-api which hosted the microservice for API endpoints. In total, I submitted around 80 commits and changed a over 4000 files in both aima-exercises and aima-exercises-api

Following are the most significant commits I made during this period.

Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

Future Work

Future contributors can work on a number of features to improve AIMA-Exercises. Some of these include:

  • Implementing a run-time system to add/edit exercises in the platform (instead of doing this from Github)
  • Providing better support for cross-references.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my mentor Peter Norvig for the continuous support throughout the project timeline.

I am very grateful to Google which provided me with this golden opportunity.